Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Miracle Families is dedicated to touching families throughout the world. This book on ADD is a BIG part of that mission. Our twelve years of research and living with ADD each and every day is completely reflected in this brand new book. Welcome to Our World offers a transparent look at Phil's personal struggle with being ADD and the accumulated frustrations of not finding out he was ADD until he was in his thirties. You will be amazed at the practical and very REAL solutions that are offered in this substantial, hard bound, ministry oriented book. Written with both the ADDer and nonADDer in mind, everyone needs to read this book. If you are affected in any way by ADD, whether by a spouse, a friend, a grandchild or an employee, you cannot wait one more day to get this information.


At September 25, 2017 at 8:40 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Here's a personal note for you crackpots: You ruined my goddamn childhood with your con-artist, money-grubbing, paranoia-induced bullshit about toys being the motherfucking devil!! Could you even imagine how traumatic it would be for a reasonably average 5-year-old to have to witness a bunch of strangest stealing his toys and burning them in the yard, all the while speaking in tongues and goofy shit like that?! Fuck you, you dim-witted assholes! "Oh, I have ADD, read my book and give me money." You know what? EVERYBODY has ADD, you prick! Doesn't make you fucking special. You know what your issue is? You're fucking arrogant, too arrogant to realize that maybe "talking to God" was a side-effect of having a sick brain, and instead using THAT as an excuse to shatter childhoods. You really are a fucking asshole, Phil. If God (the one you believe in) does exist, he's most likely fucking laughing at you.


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